In the beginning…Once Upon a Time

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I have been writing for sometime. I started writing articles in 2001 for local publications. Some were research oriented and others were opinion pieces. In 2007 I was asked to write guest columns for a wonderful trade magazine: Home Furnishings Business. But in April of 2009 I began to write fiction.

I started what turned out to be a series in the Science Fiction genre. I have four books completed in the series and others in draft or early chapters. The series is called: The Sage Seed Chronicles. I had an agent. She is a very nice local lady with a background in the literary field. Things were going fine until she had a whole series of accidents with the resulting health issues. She quickly reverted to a non communicative mode, canceling meetings, not returning my calls or faxes and generally avoiding me. In February I started querying for a new agent. It has been an interesting and educational experience.

This blog will be my forum for sharing what I have found. Feedback is welcome.

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