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I really am not crazy about self-publishing or vanity presses. They are great for some people but I am just not comfortable with that avenue. There are some pros and cons.

Pro: Once you have your book in print, worked out the marketing and distribution- the profit is yours. If you have sufficient sales you can then present your numbers to a publisher and be taken more seriously.

Con: The marketing and the distribution is a big critical part of the picture. As far as I can tell this is really an expensive part. If you don’t do it right you don’t get very many books sold. If you don’t have the numbers then you are still on square one with trying to impress an agent or publisher to take a chance on you. As a side note I have found that many agents are under impressed with self published books because there are so many bad ones that fall into that category. There are no criteria for quality. You have the money and can get it formatted.. then publish.

I would really like to hear from any of you that have experience of information on this. Feel free to jump in. My next few posts will be on what I have learned about e-books.

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