A Writer’s Self Doubt

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I got to thinking over my last blog entry. I am fine with the issue of taking personality traits that we know and weaving them into a composite for a character. But I have to admit to some insecurity with “Will the reader see the same depth in the character that I do?” That is part of the skill of our craft. I understand that… but there is still that niggling doubt.

There is a scene near the beginning of “Romancing the Stone” where Kathleen Turner, the romance writer, is sobbing, “Damn I’m good!” as she reads, and is moved by, what she wrote. The question occurs to me is “Am I the only one who feels this emotion at this part of the story.. simply because it comes from me?” I don’t have any answer for this except to have a painfully honest outside person read it and give me feedback.

Does anyone else have this experience?

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  1. Luke Raftl

    Haha this is very true. Sometimes I read my work and think I’m a genius, other times I think I’m a fool. We all know what we are doing, but will our reader ‘get it’ the same way? As you say, honest feedback is one way to find out, but even this can be tricky: some people will love your work and for others it will not be for them. I have one or two very trusted, like-minded friends that I lean on for this, if they miss my meaning or a subtle cue, I’ll know that perhaps it can be improved along the way!

  2. sageseedchronicles

    We choose our readers based on trust. That is necessary but it also means that they are somewhat in our wavelength.. simpatico. To avoid that the person would almost be a stranger. I am looking forward to Chris reading my manuscript for edit. He doesn’t know me and would look on it with fresh eyes

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