The Melding Between My World & My Writing

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This blog will not be a tight fit with either my business blog or my writing blog but speaks to the underlying structure of my life and how everything fits together.

There are a couple of things I would like share. Our furniture business has been green for a long time and we support green practices. It is a philosophy that is in our lives. We are practical people who blend well with the eco philosophy.

Last December as I was contemplating what to do about Christmas gifts I started looking at the piles of scrap boards that were too small to build anything out of but that we hadn’t gotten rid of. Rosewood pieces and Zebra wood. Teak, Wenge, Walnut Jaboty and other small treasures. We hadn’t ditched them because they were precious to us. Well I started making bracelets and pendants from these pieces. Gorgeous reclaimed exotic wood jewelry. The idea has blossomed and I will be in Richland, WA at the Art in the Park juried show with a stock of these beauties on the 29th and 30th of this month. If you can’t make it in person, I can sell you a piece or make one for you. :)(

I’m in full production mode right now but will have updated photos and information on the page link above.

In late summer-early fall my first book will be published. It is part of a finished sci-fi series that takes place on a Green/Low Tech world. It is action packed- murder- suspense. (And they do quite well with out oil)

Recently we were contacted by a terrific group of film makers. They have produced films that have won awards at the Sundance Film Festival. Their latest “Freedom” looks at alternative fuels. On August 4th they will be in Bellingham with “Freedom” at the Pickford Theatre. Here is the trailer:

The reason I am grouping all of these seemingly different topics together is because they are truly related. We all do things the way we do because of philosophy, experiences and the knowledge we have… sort of a version of “You are what you believe.”

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