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I am delighted to announce that The Unraveling will be launched any day now!  This very exciting. It feels like a baby has been born!

It really seemed that The Sage Seed Chronicles flowed from my fingertips without my control. It was a bit unnerving and, at one point, I fought the way the story was unfolding when it looked like one of Erin’s wild companions was going to be killed.

I really like Erin (the main character). She developed into a strong, resourceful young woman. I enjoyed working with her and watching how she related to her companions and everything fate threw at her. She is a person that I would like to walk beside.

I feel compelled to say something about her relationships with her wild companions. These creatures are not pets but are friends and they care about each other. I am particularly fond of Tempo. He is quite a little individual with courage, maturity and occasionally.. attitude. Just the sort of friends you need when your life is turned upside-down.

Please let me know how you like the book and give it a review.  (:


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