Where Did the Story Come From?

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People have asked what prompted me to write this series. Where did the inspiration come from? Well.. the human brain is a very complex thing and the recipe creating Erin and her world was totally unconscious.

You see, I never intended to write or to be an author. I was working in my store.. actually nothing much was happening in the store. It was tax week of 2009 and things were very q.u.i.e.t. I was sitting at the computer and this story came out of my fingertips.

It probably started with me thinking of my Grandmother Chérie and how I would walk down the hill to see her at her cabin at the bend of the river. Throw in my love of raptors, the soft science fiction I enjoy reading and thoughts of the innocence we lose as we leave childhood. Sprinkle in characteristics of people I have known and places I have been. Add a dash of the only pet I ever had, even for a short time, my little skunk Thumper. (Yes, she had had her spray gland removed and I do still miss her.) Then finish with touches of my core beliefs and concerns about what is happening in our world.

These things were elements, colorful threads (“gems” as my cousin David would call them) that were woven into what ended up being a series of several books. The story was something that grew all by itself. Seriously! I don’t know where it came from. Erin’s tale was a little disconcerting as it was happening really without my control. It was two years later, as I was querying for an agent, that I learned that I should have written a synopsis prior to starting the book. Oh. I missed that point.

I suppose all authors get attached to their characters. I have. I hope you do, too. There are other books and more to Ose’s stories. Not all of them are written down.

Here are the links where you can buy The Unraveling (The first book in the Sage Seed Chronicles):





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