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~ News from the Independent Truth~

Author has to answer to readers!

Independent Truth: Your first book The Unraveling, has been out a month. How are people relating to this story on a different world? Are they frightened?

Ms Barbo: As you know I have assured everyone that the planet Ose is very Earth-like. It doesn’t have weird animals that erupt from the ground to eat you or acid lakes or anything really strange. It is a familiar type of setting.

On Sunday I happened to speak to a reader at a “Meet & Greet” function. She had been hesitant to read the book because it was listed as fantasy but had bravely forged ahead. Upon reading a few chapters she was reassured with a world that was similar to ours. She said that she had found everything within the realm of the possible and was relaxed and captivated with the story. She particularly liked Erin and the character Tempo.

Independent Truth: So readers can relate to the world Ose? You’re smiling. What’s happened?

 Ms Barbo : The reviews are beginning to show up on Amazon. I got a kick out of one of them:“Miss Barbo has created a believable world in her fictional world of Ose. It is a nice place to visit-I kept turning the pages to see what was going to happen next-but I wouldn’t want to live there. The danger was palpable. I enjoyed the characters especially the little skunk. I am anxious for the next installment.” This reviewer told me that I was correctly doing my job as a writer. I had created a danger that came across as very real yet the reader was comfortable visiting the world, enjoyed the character Tempo and wanted to read more!

Another reviewer wrote: “Enjoyed reading the book very much. The characters were interesting and very believable and the animals were great especially Tempo. It held my interest all the way through and I am definitely looking forward to the sequel. Strongly recommend the book!”

I really appreciate the feedback. Now here is my response to both comments: Thank you very much for taking the time to write these reviews. The Unraveling has a very tectonically active planet. That is definitely part of the danger and tension in The Unraveling. Ose is unsettled due to the murders. The sequel The Reweaving is coming.  It has gone through editing and is in formatting. Erin and her fellow sages are doing everything they can to try and rectify the problem that the murderers caused and soothe the planet.

It is also delightful that everyone enjoys Tempo. I did too. Thank you.

Independent Truth: Well, I guess that answers that question. I will be checking back with you when The Reweaving is out. It sounds like everyone will be breathing easier when the danger subsides and Ose can settle down. You are smiling again. What’s going on?

Ms. Barbo: I’m not going to give away what happens in The Reweaving but a good story always has some tension. One danger can be traded for another suspenseful problem. There are four books completed about the sages and their world. I’m sure there are more dangers coming up on Ose just as there are on our own world…….The trick is surviving them.

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