Tribute to the Strength of Dreams: Susan Boyle

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When I wrote the tribute to Anne McCaffrey I wanted to express how much she contributed to my life. That got me thinking about other people who have touched a chord which resonated deeply. These people can be known to many or few. It really doesn’t matter. They are a warm, mellow note that thrums deep inside me. I will write about others but this blog is for Susan.

Susan Boyle had been singing her whole life. It didn’t happen overnight but had been a natural part of her for years. When she stepped out onto the stage of Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, looking for all the world like my sweet Auntie Fran, no one expected much. The audience was prepared to laugh at this frumpy, forty-seven year old woman’s performance. Simon asked her what her dream was and she answered she wanted to be a professional singer. “I haven’t been given the chance before. Here’s hoping that will change”, she said.

It took courage to go out there and perform and her nervousness showed with her cheeky comment about her age and the momentary lapse while trying to bring the word ”villages” to mind. Yes she was a little flustered but when the music started that fell away and her voice was steady. The notes were true. “I Dreamed a Dream” was exceedingly an appropriate song for that gutsy little woman. It was finally her time to get noticed, to be in the spotlight.

(Should you wish to see Susan singing: )

Her performance gives me goosebumps to this day. It isn’t just the lovely voice or the emotion behind the words to the song but it is the spirit and the courage of this woman to step forward and show what she is capable of. It is the strength of Susan Boyle’s belief in herself no matter how she looked or what her age. Susan Boyle can sing.

Every single one of us has an ability that is as much a part of us as is the color of our eyes. Each of us has experienced closed doors with our aspirations. Those set-backs can be so painfully disheartening and deeply bruise our confidence. I am sure that Susan Boyle had those doubts.The important part is that she found the strength to try. She persevered and showed the world the worth of her talent and her dream.

I dreamed a dream in time gone by

When hope was high and life worth living

I dreamed that love would never die

I dreamed that God would be forgiving

Wishing each of us blessings when we dream our dreams. May they find their time in the sun….. soon, of course.  😀

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