Moonstone Heroes

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Pretend you are creating a fantasy character. He or she has a special courage which allows them to calmly accept the risks of their hazardous life quest or their remarkable vision for change. They are charming, confident, intelligent and their humor has shades of humility. In our story our fantasy person’s special qualities are represented by a magical talisman. Our imagined character is of the “Moonstone” brotherhood and when one of this clan falls a bit of the glow from their stone remains with us after their passing.

Can you see this personable figure; fit, calm, striding into danger with a grin on their face?

Though I set the exercise in the fictional realm there are real people in our world who can be considered of that clan. I’m sure you can think of some. They have chosen a path that is either physically hazardous or so innovative that many can’t comprehend their vision. Whatever it is they do they are passionate about it. What makes them of the “Moonstone” brotherhood is their drive and the way they accept the risks, facing their life with courage and humor. Their core philosophy allows them to manage the stress and jeopardy they are in calmly and objectively.

There is an inherent problem with having these wonderfully special individuals. When we lose one we are only left with the glow of the “moonstone magic” their life force created.

These people may or may not be famous. My uncle was a test pilot in the 50’s and early 60’s. There were definitely life threatening risks in flying experimental planes or landing gear through tests. Some pilots didn’t survive the exercise. There are people flying safer planes today because of what my Uncle Johnny and his test pilot friends did. They would be considered of that brotherhood.

Martin Luther King had a belief that he knew was right. He led a movement through very dangerous times and was assassinated because the changes he was advocating frightened certain people. He would be one of our Moonstone knights and the glow of his ideas are still with us.

Steve Jobs was another one. His innovations were so beyond what others envisioned that he was criticized. Look where we are today because of his dreams. His death from cancer took him from us too soon.

These are admirable people. Whether big or small they are risk takers. They stretch the parameters of our existence beyond where you and I would normally go.

Another such a tragedy has just happened. Freestyle skier Sarah Burke was with us 29 short years. I don’t ski or snowboard but I admire the athletes of the X Games. They are phenomenally talented. Years of devoted work has given their movements exciting grace. Sarah dedicated herself to being the best she could be and fought successfully for Superpipe Skiing to be included in the next Olympics. An accident took her away from us.

Uncle Johnny, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Sarah Burke, and many others I have’t named, you are some my “Moonstone” heros and each of you will be truly missed!

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  1. Jianna

    I agree with you. There are so many amazing people in the world and sometimes they leave us too soon. Sarah Burke had a vision and she just went for it. She wasn’t going to radically change the world but she gave pleasure to many people around the world who held her in awe at her courage and the energy she brought to her sport, very much like Shaun White brings to mens’ snowboarding. Poetry in motion and absolute legends if you follow snow sports. Sarah was too young to die but she was doing what she loved. We don’t all live up to our potential but she certainly did. What an awesome young woman and a huge loss to the world.

  2. sageseedchronicles

    My son is 29. The same age as Sarah. To die that young is a tragedy.. yes a huge loss. Now that I have said that I am compelled to finish the thought. Sarah died doing what she loved. Death is something I don’t handle well. It tears me up even when I don’t personally know the person. But it seems to me that there are two ways that I would prefer to die. One would be peacefully in my sleep and the other way would be suddenly while I was doing something that I loved. Sarah, for all intents did the latter. Though we will miss her presence we can be inspired by her and strive to live to the fullest of our own potential. Can we do less?

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