The Times.. They are a Changing!

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This will be a personal blog post. So much has happened recently and I need to bring you up to date.

On January 1st my second book was released as an e-book on Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes& Nobel. This was an exciting event as I have four books complete in the series and wanted more of the story available for the lovely readers that had enjoyed the first one.

On February 1st I was pre-editing the prequel to the series: The Founders (yes the series was released out of order) when I received word that my publisher had decided to close the fiction arm of the business and that I could have back my books and the rights associated to them.

Now I should briefly touch on my experience with “the system” of getting published. I got an agent right out of the gate, a local woman who liked my writing and started trying to peddle my work to “the big 6 of the New York Publishers”. I learned over the ensuing months that the industry was basically looking for what had been a hit yesterday by known authors. In essence my work didn’t fit.

Fast forward to May 2011 when a boutique publishing house “Red Willow Press” was delighted to sign up my writing, my stories and my series. On Labor Day “The Unraveling” was out as an e-book.

The industry is changing and everything is up in the air. The big 6 are hunkered down trying to weather it out. They are basically assuming that everything will eventually return to normal. It could be a fatal mistake on their part. Amazon is gobbling up the market share and moving toward monopoly status. E-books are rapidly gaining ground and many authors have lost patience with the fusty strangle-hold the New York publishing houses have had on the industry. You should read this great blog post:

Now for the last bit of news. The Sage Seed Chronicles series has a home. I am in talks with a small boutique publisher who wants to release all of my books, in their chronological order. My work will be coming out as e-books and in paper. This publisher will be focusing on marketing with me so it won’t be all my responsibility. There is hope on the horizon.

Gentle reader.. Good friends.. I truly appreciate you and will keep you informed.

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