When a Door Closes Another Opens

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It has been awhile since I last wrote on my blog. There is so much to share with you. I have learned a lot … which is really cool as that is what life is about isn’t it.

I told you in a previous blog that my publisher, Red Willow Press had decided to close their fiction arm. Red Willow had given my books a chance, had seen my worth as a writer and for that I will be forever grateful. However though the loss of a publisher was a shock it opened up a marvelous opportunity.

I found a lovely boutique press called Paper Crane Books that not only wanted my series but wished to issue them in chronological order (my previous publisher started with book three) and was willing to edit and reissue books three and four. This is really unusual my friends. It is common practice that once a book is out no other publishing company wants it. So Paper Crane Books won my heart on two counts.

Then the work started. I had heard from other writers that the editing was arduous and that their book bled red ink. That hadn’t been the case with my first publisher. I had asked him about that and he had said that there were different styles of editing. His company focused on punctuation and things like that.. wanting to preserve the author’s voice. Paper Crane Books had more of the red ink style of editing. Oh My!  Punctuation, phrasing suggestion, changing “point of view” so a different character picks up the action …and deleting. Yes. Deleting sections to help the story move. It has been a real learning experience. Wow. And the learning continues. 😀

By the way.. The Founders…the prequel book in a four book series (The Sage Seed Chronicles) will be out at the end of this month or early May. It will be available in paper as well as an e-book… and it will be a better book than you would have received before the red ink editing. You deserve it.

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