Where Do the Characters Come From?

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People have asked where my characters have come from. The answer is… Any number of sources. The character “Ree”, who is introduced in my second book (due out July-August) is loosely based on my Grandmother Cherie. “Mari” in The Founders somewhat is like my mother and some of the things she says came straight out of my mother’s mouth. But frequently the characters are composites of mannerisms and personalities I have observed in people I have met..or in movies ..or in the news.

There is some truth to the statement: Don’t anger an author or you might end up as a character. This is because writing, at least my writing, is a little bit cathartic. Instead of throwing a shoe at the TV news, I created my own world and work through things that bother me in this realm. When I was missing my pet skunk I wrote one into books three and four. Though I have to admit that when an extremely irritating know-it-all showed up in my life I created the character “Ruthen” in book two.  🙂

I need to emphasize that many characters are not related to people I have known but have roots in about five or six personalities I have observed or met. It isn’t a given that if I meet you that you will show up in a story. Actually most of the people I have known are really nice folk… And that includes YOU !  🙂

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