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To authors, their books are like their children. Now let’s stop right there! Before you shake your head, roll your eyes and close this page.. think about what new parents do. With love, pride and abundance of joy they take a myriad of pictures, make tons of phone calls, send trillions of data bits of emails to shout their news from the rooftops. Those of us who know the new parents are happy for them but after awhile…..well…. we start screening our calls.

Social Media allows for a wider audience to hear our herald’s trumpet. This means that there are many people who barely know us or don’t know us at all who now get our news. That is the blessing and the curse of social media for everybody. Some of those strangers might really be interested in the birth of our little blessed event and would not have known if we had not introduced our baby book to them. Others are just annoyed. Then we hear words like spam and the complaints begin. Okay I can understand how irritating it is if all you hear from one person is about their new offspring book. Rest assured it just as irksome as alway hearing about how marvelous the new boyfriend is or how great the whiz-bang product whizzes (and bangs). All of those things are annoying and what it really tells us is that all of us should moderate how often we speak about a specific topic. But Spam? Really?

My cousin once said that if you show pictures of your new baby at a party then you must patiently endure the baby (or travel, fishing trip, or school play) photos from the other guests. The lesson is as I stated before: We should balance our outbursts with other topics and consider the listeners fatigue. Being social in a social medial is all about dialog..reaching out and exchanging information. An introduction to our offspring is fine we just need to stifle the overkill.

I will make a deal with you. I will talk on other topics than my children books if you will dialog with me and give feedback. Please let me know what you think and I will respond to you.

😉 Oh and if you wish a chance to will an autographed copy of my new book just mention it in the comment and I’ll put your name in the hat. Otherwise I won’t.  😀

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