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“Perspective” is a lovely word with so many layers. Our personal perspective is a sum of our experiences, background and learning.

An example of this relates to one of my favorite childhood possessions: a new box of Crayola Crayons. I could amuse myself for hours with those beautiful little things, learning color names while I created. There was one crayon that I do remember studying…just for a moment, before going on with my art project. Years later I again found the same interesting color label on some embroidery floss. Yesterday I saw a picture that said it all..because that crayon and floss skein were labeled innocently and without prejudice due to a perspective. It simply was a way that labeler saw things. I’m not sure if this crayon is still in the box. One of you will need to tell me.

Lets look at another way “perspective” colors the words we use. I have some books in editing. It is a necessary process meant to smooth away errors so the reader doesn’t trip on incorrect punctuation or a badly worded sentence. We want you to have an enjoyable experience with the story.

One of my editors is a good deal younger…not that I dwell on age.   *grin*   Her perspective on certain words are different than mine simply due to that factor. There are times when she doesn’t like a word that I have chosen. I look at the offending word and take a step back, studying it from her eyes. ‘Hmmm,’ the voice in my head says. ‘There will be people her age who will read my book. Can I phrase it differently?’ Often times I will change it but occasionally the word I have chosen is precisely the most fitting word. I then shrug and say to myself, ‘If they had not been familiar with this word.. it will broaden their vocabulary. I can not anticipate everyone’s experience level and…this word fits best!’

Both examples are about how we see things and when it is brought to our do we react? A shift in our focus helps.  *grin*

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