A Midnight Showing of The Dark Knight Rises

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Yesterday morning the clock radio clicked on as it always does pulling me to the beginning of wakefulness, I hear it say, “…And at the midnight showing of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ a man dressed in black stepped from the shadows near the screen, tossed some gas canisters into the crowded theatre and began shooting.” In half of a heartbeat my mind flashed on the fact that my son, his sweetie and their friends went to the midnight showing. “…12 people are dead and 58 are injured, many are in critical condition.” Trying to process this horrific news a little voice in my mind says, ‘We weren’t contacted. Wouldn’t we have been contacted? Where?’ “…The police in Aurora, Colorado have the shooter in custody.”

Through the hours since that moment so many thoughts have gone through my mind. No we don’t live anywhere near Aurora and my son wasn’t in that theatre. I am still able to hug him. We personally were spared but other innocent people were not. It is senseless, cruel and a tragedy for everyone. I am sure that the psychiatrists will be looking into the motives but I don’t really care what they are. There have been politically motivated bombings and mass shootings in train stations, federal buildings and political rallies. People have shot innocents in schools, post offices and malls because they were depressed or had a statement they wanted to make and felt no one was listening. All those other lives had no value to the killer other than they formed an exclamation point to his message. How incredibly callus and selfish… and senseless.

My heart goes out to the victims and their loved ones…. and to Colorado who has sustained so much tragedy this summer.

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