It’s Not The Victim’s Fault

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imagesI recently heard of this and I want to share it with you. It is an incredible story on so many levels and I urge you to go to this blog and read then watch the clip. Farther down the page is another link to the original blog and clip. Separately they are powerful beyond expectation. Together they are so phenomenally incredible. They don’t take to long. I urge you to go there and experience this:

I could stop right there and be so satisfied that I had passed this on to you but there is one more thing and it is related… There is a charity that my press is trying to earn money for: Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. They are working hard to increase the diagnosis and treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If you are interested in our drive which has one week to go please scroll down a few blog posts on this page. There are two that relate to the charity ( PTSD is what Patrick Stewart’s father had. Because it was untreated it is what caused the abuse that reigned in his home. It’s a terrible condition that tears up lives. No I am not saying that all violence against women is caused by PTSD nor am I saying that all PTSD sufferers are violent against women but it does contribute. If you are so moved please help us on our drive. Thank you.

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  1. Rhonda Hopkins

    Thanks for linking to my blog, Holly. I thought the videos and the young woman’s blog were very powerful.

    Great charity! I hope you raise a lot of money during your event.

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