The Reweaving joins the series!

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Reweaving is out, joining The Founders, Divergent Paths and The Unraveling in the series! This is a big step and I think you as a reader will appreciate it the work that went into it.

When I was first picked up by a boutique press the publisher decided to start with book three:The Unraveling. There was a logic to the decision as Unraveling and Reweaving formed a sequel unit..a series within the series. His editing style was to clean up the punctuation and let the rest of it be “the author’s voice”. The drawback of those two decisions was the story wasn’t sequential and the writing wasn’t polished.

My sincere apologies to any who read the e-book version with the birds on the cover.

Fast-forward to present day. I now have a publisher/editor who really works with me to get the most polished story out there for you the reader. We have put out the first four books in their chronological order and they have been worked over to make the story clean and enjoyable. We put The Reweaving through an extra edit step to add some rewrites. *Smiling in delight* It is a much better read now.

As of this writing The Reweaving is on the “Hot New Releases” and top 100 list on Amazon in three categories! WOOT! How cool is that!

If you haven’t read the others it’s okay. The books can stand on their own but the story is richer when read in sequence. Though there are these four available a fifth is written and will be out late in the year or early 2014. I am currently plotting the sixth.

I hope you find the sage adventures enjoyable. Feel free to contact me here with your comments and questions.

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