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I have been A.W.O.L. from my blog for a while. Though I haven’t shared with you..(and I’m sorry) it just means my creative energies have been maxed elsewhere. But I’M BACK! 😀

In my writing life I have completed and now have published the fifth and final book to the Sage Seed Chronicles (The Lost). I’ve enjoyed the series and thought I should push on to a sixth book but reconsidered. The characters are, for the most part, a part of me. My beloved Grandmother is Ree and the only pet I’ve ever had (very adored but had too briefly) is Tempo. By writing them into the books I was able to be with them again. As I worked on The Lost I realized that I had given those two and many other characters a new life. They live for countless other readers and I can see them continuing on this world that I have made. So it was with a happy feeling of satisfaction that I have finished the series sufficiently that they can carry on without me. LOL Who knows? It may be more peaceful!
Here is my Amazon page:

I’ve been writing and hope to have the manuscript of Sunstone completed in the next couple of months. It can also be classified as sci-fi …but completely different. At the same time I’ve been spreading my “genre” wings in a short story collection I’ve been working on.

In my personal life I have designed three new accent tables. One has been custom built and the other two are under construction.

All creativity and curiosity is being turned into something interesting. I will strive to keep in touch.

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