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Today’s GEM is Linda Lee Williams. She is an author that has become a friend and she writes Paranormal Romance. I’d like to share an excerpt with you from her book Elsewhere. Linda

First here is the blurb to set the scene:

When Errol Fleming moves in across the hall from Andie McNaughton, her life takes another unforeseen and perilous turn.  Sweet, shy, and a bit reclusive, Andie has enough phobias to confirm that she’s “crazy.”  Beautiful but imperfect, Errol bears his own disability.  Despite the challenges their relationship faces, they decide to take a chance on each other.

Their future is threatened, however, when she hears a voice and dreams about “Noah.”  She begins having visions of the handsome stranger and traveling in her mind to a mystical tropical island.  Errol’s haunting dreams about the island and Noah’s obsession with Andie only add to the mystery of what’s happening…

Is Noah a figment of Andie’s imagination?  Or does he exist in an alternate reality?  More important, can Errol save Andie from Noah and the idyllic world she’s escaped to?  Or will he lose her to her phantom lover?

EWFinal-smallElsewhere by Linda Lee Williams

He leaned over to kiss her lips.  They were dry and cool, not at all the way he remembered them.  Her fair skin, which normally blushed at the slightest provocation, was colorless, as if the life had already been drained out of her, and her spirit wasn’t far behind.  It made the deep bronze hair that framed her face seem even darker.

“Andie,” he whispered, close to her ear.  “Andie, please hear me.”

Errol sighed in frustration.  He had to find the right words.  Words that could break through the barrier of the other world she had escaped to in her mind.  Something he could say that would convince her she belonged here, not there.

His grip tightened on her arm, as if willing her to pay attention.  “Andie, wherever you are, wake up.  Wake up and listen to me.  You can’t leave me, Andie.  You can’t.  I need you, more than you ever needed me.  I know I’m not perfect, like he is…but I’m real, and what we have together is real.”

For a moment, he thought he detected movement behind her eyelids.  He kissed her lips again, more firmly.  “I’m here, Andie, and I love you.  I love you, just the way you are.  You’ve heard voices in your head before.  Damn it, hear mine.”

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