It’s a New Year-YAY

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highlights 2015I haven’t written a post in a long while as life pressures have intervened. It’s crazy how stress dries up creative juices. It also translated into writers block for my book writing …but the log jam is breaking. It is January 1, 2016 and I’m ready to mentally drop 2015 into the dust bin and celebrate the dreams and possibilities of a new year.

I really don’t believe in making resolutions as they frequently fail the longevity test within a month. Yes, I intend to keep going on the meal portion control, no sugar and active habits I’ve established. I’d like to increase my toning exercises and my blog writing. That is as close as I’m going to a New Years Resolution list.

On the upbeat side I’m delighted to report two books brewing in my head! (Big YAY!! and a growing pile of research notes). Last year saw my seventh book launched and the twelfth contribution to a multi-author anthology. (A thirteenth multi-author collection is coming out March 1st.) You can see them all here:

Six of my seven books are in the soft science fiction- fantasy genre. But the seventh was a mixed genre collection of short stories. I do enjoy other flavors besides scifi-fantasy and the two books stewing in my brain are more in the contemporary-thriller line. Hope you are ready to explore with me.  *GRIN*

The final months of 2015 brought more positive changes: We have a new lovely family member. Misha moved into our home and hearts in late October. She is a 3 year-old siamese/rag-doll mix and a month later I opened my ETSY store: SimplyElegantWoods.

It was something I had contemplated since 2011 and finally got it together. This store will be expanding it’s offerings in the next few months from jewelry…. to wands?   *wink*

On the main business front there is a wonderful showroom in the Design Center in Seattle (William & Wayne) who is interested in our custom furniture pieces. We will be taking a few of our beauties down to the big city in the early months of this year.

Another possible exciting event for 2016 involves the steampunk book I wrote: Sunstone. It is modulating into other forms. Right now it is becoming an audio book and… there is a possibility it will take on a bigger exposure. Only time will tell if talks become reality. Stay tuned.   *Another big GRIN*

So as you can see I’m ready to ROCK! Coming with me?


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