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2016 is off to a flying start. My friend Sheenah Freitas, who was the heart and soul of Paper Crane Books, has moved on to other occupying endeavors and has closed or greatly transformed the press as we know it. That left my books without a home press for a brief time.

In the last few years I have made a lot of contacts while social networking. One was Ella Medler who has a press currently located in Ireland. We’ve done some multi author projects together both as writers and also with her press: Paper Gold Publications ( That is where my books are now and the move means all sorts of exciting little changes.

First off is the re-releasing of Sunstone and Tendrils which will launch on January 29, 2016. That is just the beginning. Tendrils will be available only for a short time so snap it up while it is available.

The Sage Seed Chronicles are undergoing a face lift with new covers and some polishing around the edges. Those will re-launch a little later in the year. These and other informational goodies will be announced and explored in depth on my newsletter. To stay up-to-date you can sign up for it on my website or by going to this link: By following the latest news you will be able to answer the above equation. 😀

Join me in my exciting updates. It will be a banner year! Hugs

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