The Healers


A virulent disease sweeps through the budding civilization on the planet Ose. As people are dropping like flies, the healers’ guild is not making headway in finding a cure.

Just as every hope seems lost, young Ree comes into her sage powers. Despite having to fight the disapproval from those who think her too young and inexperienced, she comes up with a cure from unusual natural sources.

The race is on to get ahead of the epidemic. Time is tight, and a swindler’s ‘miracle cure’ makes matters worse.

With Ree and the healers’ lives in danger, is the whole planet doomed?

Ree sat and patted the chair next to her, handing her mother a cup of the fragrant mint tea that Miric favored. “Are you all right? Do you have any symptoms?”

“No, Ree. I’m fine. That painkiller you made has allowed everyone to get more rest. That’s a big help. What did you want to tell me?”

Ree had been thinking about this but still wasn’t certain how to go about it. “Catri and I had several interesting conversations while she was here. You remember her saying that Rafe was a ‘Timeless One’ and a founder?”

Miric nodded.

“Well, Catri is a ‘Timeless One’, also. She was the first sage born to our world.”

Miric nodded. “I was wondering about that. Healers and herbalists have spoken about her for as long as I can remember. Her knowledge is remarkable and I am so grateful that she shared those skills with us so we can qualify as medicine makers. Your painkiller tea is a perfect example of what she taught.”

“Mother, there were other things Catri shared with me. Do you recall the stories of the fabled Lyrix?”

Miric nodded, mystified about the change in direction of the conversation.

Ree spoke out loud as well as in her head when she said, “Raow, could you please come out and meet my mother, Miric?”

Light shifted and the unusual wildcat seemed to coalesce out of the shadows.

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    Thank you, Edwin! I don’t know when your exams are over but Divergent Paths will be there for you. A few friends from The Founders move into Divergent Paths and you will meet new characters. The Unraveling will be released before the end of the year. Happy studying.

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