The Founders


There are no monsters on Ose. People can be monstrous enough.

The first book in the Sage Seed Chronicles, The Founders, begins eighty years after the Ancients leave.

Disaster strikes the beautiful world of Ose. Marisily is one of the Sages who can help heal the planet when nuclear winter pushes the civilization back to the brink of destruction. Only she doesn’t know her own powers yet.

It is survival of the fittest as vicious outlaws destroy all that remains, kidnapping, enslaving and killing those weaker than themselves.

With a bounty on her head, alone and betrayed by her own father, can a young woman find the strength and wisdom necessary to rally the good people of Ose and rebuild their culture?

Marisily woke abruptly. The night was completely dark as both moons, Cear and Luna had set. She could hear the sound of the nearby Cascade River but it didn’t soothe her as it usually did. All of her senses were fully alert as if someone had screamed. She lay there a moment trying to figure out what had awakened her. Leaning on one elbow Marisily listened hard. The house was still yet the hair on her arms and the back of her neck were standing up with alarm; there was a tense knot in the pit of her stomach. The sense of foreboding was a low thrum going through her body with each heartbeat. Marisily carefully scrutinized the familiar surroundings of her room searching for the source of what woke her. The small space seemed to be as it had always been, simple with no fancy touches or possessions. Without making a sound Marisily got out of bed and kneeling beside it, folded back the small rag rug her mother had made her many years ago. She ran her fingers over the floor board it covered, skimming the edges until she felt the small knot hole. Carefully she lifted the board and touched the contents hidden beneath it with shaky fingers. She didn’t understand why but knowing that no one had found the secret hiding place eased her anxiety somewhat.

What was it that had awakened her? She rubbed her arms and kneaded the spot where the insistent tension seemed to be concentrated. What was wrong? She shook her head at the thought. There was plenty of things that weren’t right.

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