The Tin of Honey

Life is tough for Zoe in the new world. As a small child, her voice can never be heard and she may as well be invisible.
Except as a slave.

The Tin of Honey is a dystopian tale which was originally published in The Writers’ Stuff: A Multi-Genre Anthology and later in Holly’s own short story collection, Tendrils: Where ‘What If’ becomes ‘What Is’. The story has been expanded to a length suitable for a Quick Read book.

This story was entered in a contest seeking cinematic quality stories to be shown to film studios. The Tin of Honey made it into the semi-finals.
This is in recognition of that achievement.

A Quick Read book is a short story available as a single small book. In both ebook and paper format, it is a perfect small gift or for escaping to another place and reality when you only have a tiny block of spare time.

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