A Bell For Valor
Beyond Time Book 2

As winter blanketed the Scottish countryside for Christmas, Mari plans to spend her holiday relaxing with her cat at home but a frantic appeal from Edinburgh University has her researching a secret discovery. With precious little time she uncovers a tale of courage, power struggle and death almost 700 years old. Unbeknownst to Mari, some people hold grudges for centuries, and want to silence history. She happens to be in the way.

A Bell for Valor is the second book in the Beyond Time short story series. The first was A Beltane Gift.

A Quick Read book is a short story available as a single small book. In both ebook and paper format, it is a perfect small gift or for escaping to another place and reality when you only have a tiny block of spare time.

A Bell For Valor is currently only available in paper format. As soon as that changes the link below will be updated to a multi site universal link.