In the Spirit of the Season: Pay-It-Forward

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This is the season where people of many different beliefs celebrate special days. We get caught up in our plans, our shopping and decorations. It’s easy to do …but today I’m asking you to take a moment and do just one thing for someone who is hurting. Perhaps they are hungry, need a coat or scarf or are ill. Can you give of your time or spare something you have which they can use?

I’m typical of many. Our business gets frantic busy this time of the year. There are deadlines that have to be met. People need their table (or other furniture pieces) back to them before the big family dinner or holiday party. It’s our job to meet those dates. At the same time I have gifts to make, a story to finish, dinner to plan and a house to decorate.

Into this whirlwind my sister contacted me. She asked if I had time to crochet a hat for a toddler of two and a half. The little girl has cancer and is going through chemo. She won’t have hair during Christmas and the cold winter months. How could I say no?

We all have our troubles but sometimes when we stack them against someone else’s worries…ours pale in comparison. Cancer has not touched my family but I’ve lost wonderful friends to the disease. This is a child! It makes my heart bleed that she and her family are going through this. So– I made time and have sent two hats. I hope they brighten this child’s day.hats for the child

So I ask of you…please pay-it-forward. Do something for someone less fortunate. It will mean so much and that is the spirit of the season. For me the wish is Merry Christmas but I’m not so narrow that I don’t recognize that there are many other celebrations out there. Happy Holidays everyone. If you can…give the gift of caring.

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  1. Linda

    Holly, I cannot think of a more opportune and appropriate blog post you could have made. I’ll be praying for that little girl and I’ll be thanking God for the health of my family. I have dealt with cancer and it’s horrible.

  2. Linda Lee Williams

    Thank you for the heartwarming post, Holly. We should always “pay it forward,” every chance we get–but during the Holidays especially, when we should remember those less fortunate than we are. And never forget to count our blessings…

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Post
  3. Mary Collins

    Paying it forward is always a good thing to do, especially this time of year. No matter how bad things are in our lives, if we look around there is always someone that is worst off. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post.

    1. Post

      I’m often reminded that even though my troubles seem awful there are others facing worse. We just need to do what we can. Thank you for the comment.

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