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Fall is in the air. We are still vacillating between the hot weather, cooler fall days and the occasional moments of wet. Into all of this change my world has been very busy (writing on book five, updating website and day job). I have neglected my blog followers and I apologize.

Recently some of my writer friends and I got into a conversation about chocolate. Mmmm. Just about everybody has a favorite kind or way to eat it. Perhaps it is the setting that makes the perfect chocolate moment. Some are purists with specific preferences while others are unabashedly lovers of the treat.

Into this I drop. Now I love chocolate. There have been times since I had to go cold-turkey that I would wake up at night tasting it. (The brain is a tricky organ.) Just because chocolate is a trigger food for my body to get mad at me doesn’t mean that I don’t have my favorites. I love Frango Mints. I didn’t realize that many people don’t know what I am talking about. They are sold at Macys in my region (Pacific Northwest) and I know there are Macys stores all over the place so I assumed.. well I was wrong. Apparently not all Macys stores are created equal in the candy department and that is a tragedy for everyone outside of the PNW.

I also loved chocolate covered caramels, Skor bars and had a lovely recipe for chocolate nut clusters but Frangos… were my absolute favorite.

How does this tie into fall? Well, when this conversation with my fellow authors happened we discussed sending Frangos to them. Unfortunately it needs to be cooler weather to make sure that the delectably yummy goodies wouldn’t turn to a mushy mess. I mean, I remember them trying to melt in my fingers and believe me they never stayed in my fingers more than the time it took to take a savoring bite.

So share with me. Tell me your chocolate favorites or chocolate stories. I love to live vicariously through other chocolate enthusiasts.

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  1. Michelle Franklin

    I am a chocolate enthusiast, but I, like Rautu, abominate anything but dark chocolate. This better expresses my feelings than I can currently articulate:

    Dark chocolate was forever acceptable and encouraged, for even the worst of dark chocolates was better than the best of the milks. Baking chocolate, though hardly eatable for many, was kept as a great treasure to the giant: always in immense blocks, always bitter, always heavy and full of flavour, all the giant’s succor was in so excellent and unexceptionable a treat. Dark chocolate, sprinkled and defiled by a few shreds of coconut, could be tolerated, but the same infused with deeply imbedded nuts was inexcusable. The mixture of dark chocolate and peanut, however, as Lucentia was famous for creating, must be forever his favourite, and while he had his suspicions about cashews and pistachios, their flavour exquisite but their veracity as nuts and not seeds wanting, he must confess that these were nearly as superior as his great friend the peanut. Seeds, however large or small, were not to be endured, and were therefore expectorated into the fire with all due promptness. Fruits, however, were observed as a tarnishing of dark chocolate: they might be eatable as garnishing, for they could be then removed and given to his mate, but any berries or dried slices of anything promising wholesomeness attached to his chocolate with any degree of permanency was immediately rejected. A garnishing of something resembling a citrus flavour may be sometimes acceptable, but anything by way of a filling or even a crème was unpardonable.

  2. Post

    Ahh. That narrows the field. 😀 I must examine my chocolate preferences through your eyes. Frangos come in several flavors but I love the mint ones..and yes they are a dark chocolate confection.

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