Autumn Reflections of 2016

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Autumn has always been a time of reflection for me…a time of changes and celebration. I guess the beginning of new school years and my birthday contributed to this. My post, today, is a recap and the announcing of wonderful things to come AND a chance for you, my reader, to win a gift. Surprise! Read this post. Leave a comment and you will be placed in a drawing for an e-book. YAY!

This year was full of wonderful events! Last December the press I was with since 2011, Paper Crane Books, closed. In January I became part of Paper Gold Publishing, in Ireland, and all of my books were relaunched. Details can be found on this site’s book page but I’m so thrilled about what’s happening…I’m throwing confetti

My Sage Seed Chronicles five book fantasy series went into second edition with new covers and fresh editing. Sunstone: A Steampunk Reality and Tendrils: A Collection of Short Stories were also re launched.

If that wasn’t enough, PGP decided to put together a new collection called Quick Reads. A Quick Read book is a short story available as a single small book. In both ebook and paper format, it is a perfect small gift or for escaping to another place and reality when you only have a tiny block of spare time. In today’s busy world many people feel they haven’t the time to read. That is very sad. Being able to escape into a book is a marvelous treat for yourself. A vacation in your own head.

Currently seven of my short stories qualified to be Quick Reads. Five of them are out: 1) A Beltane Gift is a cultural heritage (Scotland)/contemporary with a wee bit of Paranormal. 2) A Tin of Honey is dystopian. 3) The Dragil: Broken Magic is fantasy for all ages. 4) A Battered Ball is contemporary adventure (Africa) and 5) Binding Contracts is a thriller.

Now things accelerate even more! PGP has moved to England and in the October-November frame, two more Quick Read books will become available. 6) Treasured Legacy , a suspenseful cultural heritage (France)/ contemporary tale and 7) A Crystal Snowflake , a thriller.

*Yippee* AND I’ve just completed a new book which will come out at the end of November. This one isn’t a short story. It is a full length thriller. *Dancing in happiness* *YAY*
….Now don’t forget to leave me a comment.. you could win an e-book!

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