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Somehow time vanished between mid 2016 and now. Updating…

2016 brought new book covers, a flurry of short stories under the imprint title Quick Reads and Sunstone. Another highlight of the year was being able to meet some of the Crazy Lady Authors, from a group by the same name. It was wonderful.

Since then I’ve changed Sunstone’s cover to reflect the fantasy flavor of the story.

Time became jumbled after that. Sustaining an injury (ruptured tendon in my foot and ankle), I began encouraging the efforts of other authors. I cheered on a new author, KH Bixby, as she came out with a great two book series… the second of which made the list of BEST 50 INDIE BOOKS FOR 2017 by I’m so proud of my young friend! An added bonus was two of the Crazy Lady Authors made the list too! Boy, am I a fan of!

Way to go Kiera, Rachel and Nikki!

I wrote a new Quick Reads story: A Bell For Valor. It is a second book in my new Beyond Time series. Currently it is in a CINEMATIC SHORT STORY COMPETITION by ScreenCraft and has made it into the Quarter Finals. Over the past few years two other Quick Read stories have achieved recognition in the quarter and semi finals of this same contest. Thank you ScreenCraft! We’ll see if A Bell For Valor advances. *fingerscrossed*


I’m working on a new book… a dystopian where I take the current world and twist it into a new alternate reality. Nothing dull happening here.

I’ll be in touch.



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