The Zen of Patience

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I have been writing this blog for just a short time but have been writing my books for a longer span. They came out of me quickly, sort of like Venus rising from the sea foam fully formed. It was as if the story was in a hurry to be in the light of day. A little disconcerting, I must say, as I didn’t know what was going to happen next. At one point in my story my fingers were typing and I was crying out to my computer, “No! He can’t be dead! You can’t kill him! I won’t let you!” (I saved him.. Whew! But it was a near thing!)

I tell you this because the speed at which the story unfolded caused one book to finish and immediately the next part of the story unfolded. There was an impatience for the story to be born beyond any control I had with it. Later as I was querying I learned that I was suppose to have a synopsis written first and develop the story from there. Well maybe next time, if it lets me.

Now the reason I tell you all of this is because there is a recurring theme here. All of my life I have heard, “Good things come to those who wait.” and “Patience is a virtue.” or “Wait and see. Whatever will be will be.” Alright already! But the deal is it isn’t always me who has trouble with patience! This book didn’t have any. I was just along for the ride. Patience? Ha!

Querying is a tedious process. You send some out and wait. Such is the nature of the beast. I handled that with reasonable decorum… each and every time. 🙂 So when the music modulated into a different key I sit up and take notice. It could be when I work hard with a snail mail query to another country or I get a response that shows interest. I am now in a different gear… and patience, well, hmmmm.

I know that the world is beyond my control. I’m still working on taking that in stride as my story gets closer to being out there for others to enjoy. Can’t help it. I’m revving my engines. (:

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  1. Luke Raftl

    Ugh. Patience. Who needs it?!

    Writers, it turns out. I read yesterday that even after you send a full manuscript to an agent it can be anywhere from 3-6 months before they get a chance to read it and get back to you (unless they are very excited to read it, of course!).

    In the mean time you just have to keep going. I just started my second book, and it’s a strange feeling to be writing another when the first is still in limbo. The first book is like thrusting a knife or a dagger into the dark, you have no idea whether it will hit the mark or not, and to be writing a second with that doubt still hanging over you is hard to do.

    But, we must persist. It’s a way to keep ourselves sane at least, as we wait for the agents’ replies. The fact you have so much to write can only be a good thing, Holly. May that well never run dry!


  2. Lori

    Congratulations for the story coming from within!!

    Asking self and choosing, frequently, are so important to being present, grateful, rewarded, magnetic…

    A friend just told me that a path was making him rather than he making his path. Yes, got it.

    Thanks for sharing your path.


  3. sageseedchronicles

    Thanks Lori- There is not just one way in which things happen. The whole process of living, reacting and making choices is fascinating. It is very interesting when a path chooses you. Then you in for a wild ride. Hang on!
    I appreciate your comment.

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