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On August 5 my blog tour for The Founders starts. Yea! This is fun, exciting and a great opportunity to meet bloggers and readers. The timing is wonderful as it introduces my prequel to readers just as the second book in the Sage Seed Chronicles prepares to launch. A very exciting month. I am so appreciative of the bloggers who are providing me this opportunity. Thank you so very much.

Below is the current schedule as I know it. Please drop into these sites to be part of the blog tour. See you there!
August 5: Promotional spotlight and author interview @ Bound 2 Astound
August 6: Guest post @ Romance The Book Blog
August 7: Review @ Velvet Red
August 8: Interview @ Perpetual Chaos of A Wandering Mind
& Guest post and review @ Always a Booklover
August 9: Review and guest post @ News Wahl
and Authors Book Corner
August 10: Review and giveaway @ Moosubi Reviews
August 11: Interview @ The F Word — Fiction for Writers and Readers

While I am here sharing things with you I wanted to ask you about the fantastic creatures that either live in your fantasy domain or that you have met in books.

We all know about dragons, vampires, werewolves, zombies and the like. Those are a whole lot of frightful fun no matter how often we encounter them. Fantasy stories often ooze vivid personages. One of my favorite authors, Patricia McKillip often has fascinating beasts such as the Vesta in the Prince of Hed trilogy and I just got through reading A.E. Marling’s Brood of Bones. Not only did magic fill almost every corner of the book but the Feaster was a wonderfully complex entity.

As a writer I stayed at the edge of normal for three of my books before I took a fun step into the unique creature arena. In a few short days Divergent Paths will be released and you will meet a Lyrix who has chameleon characteristics with his ability to camouflage, can move through space and time and has psychic abilities. Not bad for a wildcat-like creature.

What kind of fantasy beasts have you encountered? If you could invent one what would it be like? Share. I would love to hear about them!

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  1. Cynthia

    Hi Holly — I love how your write…it “speaks” very clearly! About your questions re: fanciful creatures…I read “The Forgotten Beasts of Eld” many years ago and the impression of Syble (sp?) speaking telepathically to the ancient beasts (I remember a raptor-like bird and a wild-cat of some sort…and a few others)…still remains…it seemed so “real”, it made me believe it could be done!

  2. AE Marling

    Dear Holly Barbo,

    Thank you for mentioning Brood of Bones, and I’m as thrilled as a surfer on a rogue wave that you enjoyed reading it.

    As far as your question, I think I’ll have to invent the devious hiccup goblin, who causes everyone around him to get the hiccups. The neon-pink creature would’ve been caught long ago, but everyone who chases him gets winded from constantly stopping to hiccup. Crafty scientists shall have to invent terminator-class cyborgs to catch him, but we all know the disaster that’ll lead to.

    A more practical fantasy creature would be a cat whose hair folds into spacetime, or dissolves, leaving no shed cat hair. I suspect this cat would also have the powers of invisibility and blink-teleportation.

    Best wishes with your writing.

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