Where Did 2012 Go? A Retrospective.

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It was a year of change and progress. January 1st of 2012 found my second ebook hatching and saying hello to the world. February brought the news that my publisher was closing the fiction arm of his business. OH? WELL..THAT WAS A SHORT RUN!

I started to talking to a fellow author who was in the same situation. She decided to start a small indie press called Paper Crane Books (http://papercranebooks.com/). Sheenah brought all sorts of great skills to the endeavor which boded well for the success of the press..and she wanted my books. That meant she was brilliant and far-sighted too!

The decision was made to release the books in chronological order. (Fancy that!) Editing that first never-before-released book was grueling. I lived through it and did learn a lot. (The scars hardly show anymore.) And the books are paperback as well as ebooks. Hallelujah!

Fast forward from April to now. The first two books of the Sage Seed Chronicles: The Founders and Divergent Paths are out and we nearly have The Unraveling ready for it’s launch. I have to thank Sheenah Freitas for her hard work, patience and her basketful of skills that she brought to the fore to make my work into books everyone can enjoy.

BUT that isn’t all that happened ….. I finished the fifth book in the series and am plotting the sixth!!

Here is a peek at what you can expect for 2013: Three more books will be available carrying the story forward. The Unraveling will be out very, very soon and later in the year Reweaving and The Lost. The books are finished and are in the queue for editing, polishing and publishing. Since I am ahead of Sheenah I may work on a story I started (The Sun Stone) which is unrelated to the series.

And this is just a retrospective on my writing! I’ve also been working on…..    😀

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