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Two years ago I started a book that was unrelated to the current series. I had written four books in the Sage Seed story in ten months and needed to step away from it. So I started Sunstone. It takes place on a habitable moon of a gas giant planet and is a high technology world. I had written about half when I stopped to organize a memorial service for my mom and close my furniture store. About a year ago I got it out, decided to change key elements and began to rewrite those sections. Again I put it down as we worked through edits of the first three books which are now out.

I am two books ahead of my publisher and she is concentrating on editing another author’s book. So I am now actively working on the Sunstone. A few days ago I sent her the first chapter of Sunstone to see if she wanted to use it as an excerpt in her new online magazine. I had read the first issue of the digital publication and wanted to be a part of it! (http://papercranebooks.com/2013/01/14/paper-crane-bytes-issue-one/ )

She was busy and didn’t get a chance to read it until midnight her time when I got an IM from her: “Holy Cr*p, what kind of a cliffhanger ending was that for a chapter?! And..and you just ended it! And like there isn’t anymore!”

Well.. the response was more than I expected. I do believe she liked it! So I guess I am on the right track with this story. 😀

I am back at the computer sculpting the story with care. It will have tension, cliffhanger moments and I want to do it right. Oh by the way I have a visual storyboard on Pinterest for Sunstone should you want to take a peek at the world.   (http://pinterest.com/hollybarbo/visual-storyboard-sunstone/)

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