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There have been some questions about my planet OSE on which the Sage Seed Chronicles takes place. Someone wrote that because it isn’t Earth they weren’t sure that they could relate to the stories. So I thought I would reassure you to the familiar and introduce you to the difference.

Here is the map of Ose. I have flattened it and shrunk it down. It is a small planet and does have curvature.. I just didn’t show it. Yes there is more to the world. This is just the part we are focusing on at the moment. You can see the ring of mountains. They are just like the Cascades in my state of Washington.. or perhaps those in Scotland.

There are rivers dissecting the flatter areas in the center. “Flatter” is the appropriate word as these areas are rolling prairies such as you would find in eastern Montana or Saskatchewan in Canada.

Briefly, there are five provinces on this map: Arbreton is the crescent shaped section to the left of the western most river. Pastarham sits between the rivers. Duluse is between the river in the center of the map and the mountains to the right. Khanlund stretches from the middle of that eastern set of mountains to the edge of the map and south. The Sawblen province has the sea coast at the bottom of the map.

Though the configuration is different from where you have visited before it isn’t totally foreign. That is why the Ancients felt that it could be colonized by people from Earth. It is a place where we could live without having a great deal of trouble adapting.

The major difference between Ose and Earth is something the Ancients didn’t expect and hadn’t run into before. The planet has a drowsing sentience. It can sense things at a very low level. It isn’t going to talk or anything like that, it’s just that it is sort of aware of certain things that affect it. The only communicative connectivity that can be made is between sages with specific skills and the henge stones. This is touched on in the “Reweaving” and everything is explained in greater detail in the Prequel :The Founders.

See! It is just like good ol’ planet Earth.. with one little difference.  (:

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