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~News from the Independent Truth: The Dependable Newspaper~

Author Explains Similarities between Earth and Ose but was there full disclosure?

Ms. Barbo states that the intend of her last blog entry was to reassure the reader that the planet Ose was a comfortably familiar place to take a mind journey. “It is a lovely place to visit with topography, flora and fauna that someone from Earth would recognize. The reader can visit there and feel that they are on a corner of their home world.”

Independent Truth: But it is not Earth. What are the differences? We want full transparency!

Ms. Barbo: The differences are charming but not threatening. There are two moons. Luna resembles Earth’s moon but the other, Cear, is more volcanically active and has an asynchronous orbit with Luna. Cear castes a ruddy glow where Luna sheds a whiter light.

Ose also has a sun that has more sunspot activity. This means there are more aurora borealis’s to be seen in the night sky but that there are also more EM bursts so technology would be greatly impacted. Hence Ose is a low tech world. Each community or home has their own energy source. There are a lot of geo-thermal, water powered generators, solar cells and windmills on Ose. They have a type of battery that uses different density layers in the cell fluid. MIT has been working on the same sort of battery.

There are not any cars partly because of the EM bursts but also because there are not large oil deposits. If fact the oil that is there is not very plentiful and is used for lubricants or paints.

Independent Truth: How do people get around?

Ms. Barbo: They walk, paraglide or ride horses. There are wagons for freight.

Independent Truth: Really? That’s it?

Ms Barbo: Well, they have the capability of hot air balloons but that mode is rarely used.

Independent Truth: What about monsters? I see you shaking your head. Do you mean that there are no dangerous beasts?

Ms. Barbo: No people can be monstrous enough without looking for fanciful beasts with teeth and claw. Most of the flora and fauna are from Earth. Readers would recognize almost everything they see. There are a few things that are native to Ose. Mostly plants and insects. There are a few animals also that are indigenous to the planet.

Independent Truth: So you say that it is a place that is great place to visit?

Ms. Barbo: Ose has a comfortable familiarity that makes the world slide into the background of the story.. for the most part. The planet is lovely. The Founder Cities are charming and the henges are unusual. Physically it is everything a reader would want to see and experience on a vacation.

Independent Truth: That’s it? That is full disclosure? You are smiling. What does that mean?

Ms Barbo: As a visitor that’s it. A beautiful and non threatening environment. The societal and evolutionary differences wouldn’t disturb a visitor any more than a visit to Burma or Easter Island. What I have described is the SETTING for the Sage Seed Chronicles. The drama of the stories lie in the interrelationships with the people and their world.

That’s where your breath quickens.

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