Connections To Each Other

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When I was growing up and living through teen-age angst, Simon and Garfunkel had a song that said “I am a rock, I am an island.” It appealed to me because I felt that way sometimes. In the years that have gone by since then I have learned how deeply we connect and depend on the support of others, people as well as the natural world. These people and elements of our universe become woven tightly into our hearts. It is from this kinship that we learn, love, become strong… and are our most vulnerable. We are never alone.. even when we seem to be because they are so much a part of who we are.

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My husband and I have some dear friends in their early nineties. Both are sharp, vibrant people that are so enjoyable to be around. They had gym memberships, kept fit and active, always reading and interacting. Then Paul contracted a disease. It was a battle and for awhile the prognosis was not all that great. Well.. low and behold that man fought back. It took a lot out of him but he beat it! He is still the Paul that we all love but not quite as active, not quite as strong and doesn’t get out like he used to.

Through it all Patti was right there, fighting the fight with him. In the late fall Patti contacted Paul’s friends from all corners of the world and asked them to send birthday cards to him. She was going to fill a box with all of the colorful well-wishes and present it to Paul as sort of a treasure box of love. I made sure that the card I designed and painted was special and sent it off. This was a gift of my heart for a lovely human being who resided there. I understand that Paul thoroughly enjoyed the box of cards.

This last week I got another email. Patti was putting together a scrapbook of all of Paul’s friends. Could I please send a picture of my husband and I so we could be in this special scrapbook? Well… we are not people who are comfortable with cameras pointed our direction. I get a picture taken maybe once every five years. With my hubby the span is longer. But this wasn’t about us. It was about Paul and love.

So here you are Paul. Our love to you always. Thank you Patti for keeping the connection. You are a blessing.

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