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I enjoy Pinterest. I confess. It is almost an addiction..and I don’t fight it very hard. At first I avoided it as I had heard that it took away the rights of the photographer. Then I looked at it and it seemed that every photo was given the source site. I still am aware of that though and the only photo I pinned that I knew to be from a of a photographer.. I asked for permission first.

One of the things I enjoy is finding that “Eureka!” picture. It has helped me clarify descriptions I would like to share with others. I have a board of photos for my Sage Seed Chronicles series. I know what my fictitious world looks like but my readers don’t. So I set about finding images that would be close to what someone would see on the planet Ose. Pictures of the land and the activities of the people. Views of Obsidian Island, Tight Valley or the Pastarham Prairie are there as are the images of the wildlife. Pinterest  provides me with a pictorial story board that I can share and not have the clutter on my desk. LOL  See for yourself:

Now that isn’t to say that I have limited myself to building the story boards. I will confess that my cooking has improved with all of the wonderful recipes I have found and the imaginary wardrobe I have gathered is incredible.

Since Pinterest and some of my other social sites are so much fun for me I want to reach out. I would like to see how well we can network…So here is a contest for those of you on social media. I have some great swag for you to win. A calcite geode, a citrine crystal, some of my note cards and an e-book copy of The Founders: Book One in the Sage Seed Chronicles.


For a chance to win click the highlighted Rafflecopter widget for details.

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